Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Haiish , don't know what to do now . Sibei sian , this few days everything about hamsters .

Been finding DJ max 2 portable for baby .

She want to play mah .

I don't know whats wrong with me this few days, very easy no mood and pekcek .

I hope my attitude change back to normal soon .

Anyway don't make me angry for the next few days , I very very angry already .

Currently still waiting for Desire mei the promise of helping me make another blog skin . If she cannot make it , I find my self

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tiring day. Gave baby piglet, went home , chatted with baby till 6 , baby went to eat dinner (Steamboat) I so jealous sia! Hahas Then I went down to play bball till 7.30, wow, lost 1 , win twice . Shiok , 108 people friendly, I play kinda rough ! Sorryzxc . . haha, now at home resting, going eat dinner and shower, currently chatting with baby on phone . I love baby to the max .

Post again soon!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Recently just one sentence to describe it all : Accompany Baby everyday =)

Today went tobaby house around 11.30am , slacked in baby room , read books , around 2pm, baby dad bought lunch for us . Haha , After that, I showered at baby house, then baby turn to shower . Around 6 , we left the house , with baby's parents to baby's aunty house . Well, they were friendly haha . But quite enjoyable . Never seen such a joyful occasion for such a long time .

I love baby , forever . Till the day I breathe my last breath .

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hey readers, been busy this few days . . Only remember what happened today, went to school 7.30am , took bus to simei ite , attended the opening ceremony, blah blah, walk around, apply for jobs, and around 8/9+ Baby came find me . After awhile she go back her class, I go back apply, then go home . Reach home, called baby .

Now i very moody and upset .

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Today went to school , damn shag, found out no S&W was theory test, ok la , simple can understand . Not as difficult as the rest say . Haha , after that , went to canteen had breakfast with yiming .

Went to change, go class, play taidi afew round, laughed like one crazy person . Around 9.55am we went down to SOT room, chat chat awhile, went in , today very dulan with that lao auntie . She complain she could have take mc and go home to rest . But she want to come and teach us because we are very slow , eh please lor , this is already ok lor, compare slow? Since you kao bei kao bu so much, go home rest la , nobody ask you stay ma, don't step one so wei da can ma? Went back to do till the hotel part . Went to ask her can anot , she said " Cancel and write 3 days amount " Nevermind, I go back my place I cancel I write 3 days amount . She said " I didn't ask you to cancel " , I give What the fuck face . She said " Don't give me this kind of face , boy . " I write both give her . She said " I don't want see, go file it in your package " I jitao tell her shut up , and walk away . Forget to add my sentence behind a bitch to her =) . It would sound nicer or maybe I would call her Old Haggard? Right , thats so cool !

After school, walked to mrt . Was drizzling . reached mrt, call baby for awhile . Reach home, call baby, till 4+ brought dogs down . Came home shower, chatted with baby again . Quarreled with baby , forget it . Don't wish to say what we quarrel about . =)

Just finished up my SBM Reflections just need to confirm the roles with Parthiban tomorrow . And Eating Macdonald with yiming bro tomorrow for lunch . =) !

Thanks for your kind attention readers .

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Woke up , spam call baby afew times . Baby was still sleeping , headed for afew Dota Matches . After awhile, baby sms-ed me . Went to living room , called baby . Chatted till 9.50 Went to shower and prepare everything, headed to Shangrila Hotel for brunch buffet at "The Line" with parents . Not bad , but really filling . It started at 12noon , first thing people aimed for was the lobster, hahas . Walked around, took alot of food , till 2.30pm Was full . . at last , went off .

Asked dad to drop me off at bugis , trained to bedok to find baby . Went to baby house , baby's younger brother and baby tickle me , haha . Watched Baby's younger brother played warcraft , Funny . Went to balcony watched Channel 5 . Had a slight Fever since then , didn't wanted to go for dinner, but baby asked me go . So yeah just went down , ate abit . Today ate very slowly as was full , and not feeling well . After awhile , went up 7.30 I went down, baby parents send me to mrt . So kind of them , headed for train to Jurong . Reached Mrt , bought bubble tea again . Walked home, damn fed up with people today , Keep blocking my way . Reached home, took out everything from my pocket, went to call baby . Chatted till 9.30pm , baby said go sleep . So I was like ok , anything . Hahas . . So after posting should be sleeping ba !

Ok Sayonara guys!

Iloveyoubaby .

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Eh . . its late now , and I am posting because I am worried about baby .

Well yesterday woke up , went to watch tv till 9.50 , walked to 134 , get a hair cut, went back around 10.40+ showered, went out , walked to mrt to bedok . Alighted at bedok , and walked to baby's house . Reach baby house outside, baby was still putting make up haha, adorable of Baby . Waited at the Ma Ma Shop, till 11.40+ baby came, we walked to Siglap Ctr , had our dessert , hahas . Then slowly walk back to baby house, went to balcony , and I fell asleep after awhile , guess was kind of tired . . Baby's mother suddenly came up, and asked whether was I staying for dinner, so I was like Hao derhs . :D Hahas, always go baby house, have dinner at baby house de lor , standard xD . Decided to go and buy drinks from the mama shop , Baby bought ice cream and the blow bubble thingy . I bought a drink to share with baby , of course I pay haha ! Walked back to baby house, watched baby play Warcraft 3 Lols , haha . Then not long , baby's mother and father and brother came home . Baby's mother ask why my behind slanted to one side haha ! Very obvious? Hehes . . After that , transfer things from computer to computer, went up to balcony watch tv , till 6/7+ Baby's brother came up to ask us go down eat dinner . We went down , today dinner was still alright , But I prefer the first dish , that I had when I first went to baby's house , It is just unforgetable , the taste is super nice can . Hahas . Baby's mother, ask us go beach walk walk , but baby and I didn't feel like going , as I was feeling abit sleepy , we just walk one round, and came back haha . Watch Tv till 9.30pm , left baby house , went to bedok mrt, trained home , super tired on the train , I slept all the way till Jurong east :P Lmaos . Cool eh? :D ! Hahas , bought bubble tea , and walked home. Reached home , call baby , baby was talking to her dumbshit , after awhile , dumbshit hang, and we chatted , till baby somehow ask me to wait and baby went to sleep !

Alright , shall stop here , Think today post very very long ehs :P All about baby haha .

And Drats , my "Father's 5year Phone" give me make spoil Lol !


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Friday, November 6, 2009

Sorry readers , for any inconvenient cause , as my previous skin was down , I had to look for a temporary blog skin . Give me time to find a suitable blog skin thanks .

Today woke up , was late for school , Had a rush breakfast , Chatted with baby along the way to school , went to school , was late . Sat down , did abit of revision and listen to songs , Played CS , with yiming .

Had a weird Fire Drill , like super duper stupid can , a complete waste of time .

Went back to lab , had SBM , Alex dismiss us around 9.45am .

Walked to B2-08 to slack , waited for the retarded teacher to come . And Found out a stupid secret , arghs don't feel like saying it . She came , open the door . Went in , sat down , started our gambling den . Presented after attendance was marked . Always delay my freaking time . . Neverminds, all groups presented hear her talk cock abit . Ok done , she say Lets end the lesson here, Everybody run out :p , She came out and ask us to wait , so we waited for awhile , she ask us to clear the room before we go off . I shout "Zao Ah" Means Run away :P ! Then all started running LOL , Cher left alone to clear her self , too bad .

Went to staff room , wanted to find Mrs Yeo past her the things she ask me collected for her , Don't know where she go , Called her didn't want to answer, forget it , asked a teacher put it on her table , And Off I went with yiming to the Mrt . =) Haha Parthiban and Jessica almost hold hand sia :P Not bad not bad , you jing bu !

Called Baby on the way home , Baby ask me to call back , when I reach home , I reached home , fell asleep , as today Baby going Farm haha , Woke up around 6+ Brought dogs down , went to shower , Called baby , and grumbled wheres my dinner for 13hours?!?! Hahas . . After that Baby went to play warcraft ! Tomorrow can see Baby!

Haha , Alright shall stop here , because I want to sleep already, very tired !

Sayonara !

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Woke up , had udon for breakfast , went to school .

Beg - Unit 5 , Jialat . . Baby called me before my test start, and I heard benjamin talking to her . Oh well , I hang up as I was late for the test .

Feeling to end friendship with parthiban . . No mood to talk to him or what so ever . Tomorrow is LPDX Presentation again . Fuck it . Tired , had SBM went down for food . Went back to class, got lectured , Arghs , its over already la , No point talking about it la ok?

Had PoA , did some work , finished Unit 8 and 10 today . =) Had our first set of revision paper .

Walked in the rain , go home . Talked to baby once I reached home . Talk till 3+ I brought the dogs down , and went to shower . 4pm talk on phone again . Mum came home , had Bryanni for Dinner . Totally Not delicious , not up to my standard . Urghs , Feel like having massive Japanese Buffet A.S.A.P !

Watch-ed Nanny Diaries, while baby was playing Frozen Throne the Single Player Custom Games . Planned to go baby house on saturday, hopefully its a good one . Tomorrow baby is going on a farm thingy , Sad sad .

Now I am here to blog and say good night to you guys ! Sayonara !

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Evening readers !

Today woke up 7+ , went to eat curry bun , shower, brush teeth, rush to school .

Reach school go Class 9.30 went down to foyer, prepare things and this and that .

First hour, waited for people come and play our game . So sian . . Walk around with parthiban .

Second Hour, mirah keep come play play aha, play till almost get sia ! Jialat . .

Third Hour , wah sian . . don't like nithiya attitude , totally fuck up . Neverminds , went to play Poker Cards at Jeron stall . Surprising , DM never catch sia . I in class always play in the end kenna caught , Wahlao not fair sia .

Lunch Hour, walked to class , because was very very tired . . So just rest , and chat with poh kim and aveline, while smsing baby .

Beo - Didn't do much, just did our first set of revision paper ! Woohoo

BEG - Had our Unit 4 test finally , confirm fail la , don't need say haha . Then after that , went online to do some survey .

Dismiss , walked to mrt with parthiban , He very guailan , I cannot tahan him seriously . Reached MRT , took train home , reached home around 5 , brought dog downs , came home shower , eat Lunch , called baby .

Almost broke up with baby just now , Am I too soft hearted? I don't know . . Hope my dad see my bills today, and scold me once and for all , so that I can end this worries . .

Next week thursday , going Simei ITE . =)
19th November BEG CA
21st November PohKim & Aveline Early Birthday Celebration !
30th November POA CA
1st December BEO CA & Official Start of Holiday ! Woohooo !

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The "M" Party @ ZIRCA!

Hey Friends & Readers ! After studying / Working , need a place to chill out? Join us now!


16th November 2009


The "M" Party @ Zirca(Ex MOS)

What time?

From 8.30pm to 4am!

How much is it?

Tickets selling at $24 each .

Whats special?

There will be 5 DJ SPINNING throughout the night! Dj Tok, Dj Two Face and another 2 new DJ from ACS!

Why should you come?

This gonna be the wildest party ever ! First mixed age party held at ZIRCA, THE MEGA CLUB! :)

Faster reserver your tickets from me now. :)Interested in ticket distribution come to me also ! Hope to hearfrom you guys soon! CHEERS!

Contact : XiaoGuang/Joshua
Number: 96655288
Msn : MonkeyJ0shua@live.com.sg!

Awake @ 3:28 PM

Awake around 5am , Went to advertise on my friends blog about my blog change . After that, went to call baby on the phone , her back pain . Sad for her . My mother forced me to eat breakfast , when I normally don't .

Walked to school today saw my ex-slacking friend . Surprised he also ITE . Hahas ! Went to school had BEO Test Unit 9 , Starting of test already, Teacher shout me and yiming name , thought we two cheating . . . Heng ah . . Yiming starting already don't know ! Lmaos , Well this test was so-so bahs ! Hope can score well , (So my stock market can rise up) :P !

After that had BEG , thought gharfar would give us the Unit 4 test . But instead she went through the Unit 5 ( Last Unit ) . Huat ah ! Next lesson then Unit 4 test, realised that Unit 2 and Unit 4G isn't tested in the last exam . Woohoo ! Had lunch outside of school near circle line station the small food place . I and yiming had fried fish soup but mine had beehoon and rice , which cost $4 . And his was just soup with rice , $3.50 :P ! Enjoyed the soup , with massive pepper and chilli ! (On the way to the food place , got 4 ah neh stop infront of us and point to the floor and shout "eee" . I tell yiming , eh if they do that again we stop infront of them , point at them and shout "EEEEEEEEEE! CHAO EH , AH NEH! ZAO AH" then we both laugh)

Kenny sms-ed me suddenly ask me when want to go find job together, haha most probably this week ba !

Went back to school , did abit of PoA , kind of boring, because it was really freaking simple . No question asked , just close one eye , and yeah its done ! 1.35pm we were dismissed . Walk with yiming to MRT because parthiban jiao wei again , say no do duty, in the end go do . Hate this kind of people .

Well just reach home, gonna bring dog down after posting this post :D ! So yeah, please do tag my blog !

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Today didn't sleep at all .

12midnight went to shower, use com dota 2 match , listen song , then till 3+am started chatting with people on msn . Around 6.45 left the house, Saw wenbin while walking pass 105 . Sms to pohkim and Baby on the way to bishan . reach bishan 7.40+ parthiban follow me to toilet, cuz ate something wrong . Hate eating breakfast!

Walked to school, sat down , yiming came out, we got a stupid teacher that took us for S&W , not fun at all . . Its like my team the people, don't run out , all stand near the goal place . Went to canteen for a drink , stupid DESMOND ignore me , he power la he ! Walk pass him , no say hello to me ! Bought a bottle of green tea , finsihed it within 1minute . =) My throat feel so shiok , hahas ! Then bought another bottle, went back class . Sorry forget bring poker cards today . After that went to SoT Room , for PoA . Did abit , very simple sia . . Haha ! 11.40+ went out of room , parthiban went to do libary, I went to mrt while talking to Baby .

Quarreled with her on the phone, from bishan to jurong east . Power sia , haha! I keep shout on train . .

Reached home, I feel sleepy, I sleept till 6.30 -.- Power sia ! Supposed to go slack with tony and Co. but failed to do so , Paiseh !

Woke up , talked on phone with Baby awhile, then mum came home , then I brought dogs down , came home had instant noodle to eat, Please la, ENOUGH OF INSTANT NOODLE !

Came home, worried about my bill currently 323 bucks, don't know what my dad will do . . Chase me out of house? Baby failed to answer my phone . . I feel worried, wonder where to go if I get chased out .

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